Thoughts on Homosexuality

People who claim to follow Christ are quick to connect sinners with damnation. They find sin to be a filthy part of the human condition, and realize all people need to repent of their sinful lives, and seek after Jesus, His generosity and mercy, and His commands. If someone is "living in sin" they are living without repentance for a repetitive sinful action in their life, and therefore separate themselves from God.

People who align themselves with homosexuality often face public ridicule and oppression from those brandishing a bible, who would judge them with their words, and preach damnation for their souls. I would argue that these people, although misguided in their evangilism, are most likely not homophobic, but simply against a public statement of sin.

As far as Homosexuality is concerned, in reference to sin, here is what I've found to be true in scripture:

In the NT, Homosexuality is addressed specifically by the apostles when correcting some cultural issues in their letters to the local churches, and indirectly by Christ himself.

Here is a truth: Jesus never blatantly says "Homosexuality is a sin." What Jesus does speak against is what we call "sexual immorality". Jesus never takes the time to list all the forms of sex that are wrong, instead He uses the blanket term Pornea - which translated from the Greek means 'fornication' - to say that any sex outside of the spiritual covenant of marriage is wrong. Homosexuality would be considered sex outside of marriage.

Occasionally Jesus goes so far as to referencing Genesis's "they were made male and female and for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh" when discussing sexual immorality, indicating again that Homosexuality falls into this category.

Scripturally this is a reasonable move. To laundry list all forms of sex that are wrong means that people could find loopholes, make excuses, and only obey the list. Instead, we are given the principal that any sex outside of marriage is wrong.

People in a homosexual lifestyle are never directly damned or condemned by Jesus, but the ACT of homosexuality is considered a sin - breaking the spiritual covenant with God, and His intent for sex to be within the confines of marriage - and sin is separation from God. Without repentance, and belief in Christ, sin does lead to damnation.

Specifically, you can find direct statements against homosexuality, including lesbianism, in the NT because most scripture by the apostles are written as letters to real churches to real people with sin problems.

It's important to note that not all of the law is thrown out because Jesus fulfilled it - murder is still a sinful act. Some of the original law transcends beyond Moses, specifically the Ten Commandments. In the gospels, Jesus indicates that sex outside of marriage is considered adultery against the Lord, as is lust. Homosexuality would again fall into that category.

I would also argue the covenant of marriage transcends a cultural time period, clearly part of our society today, and would therefore make a topic like homosexuality extremely relevant. It is for that reason many Christians seem to take offense to homosexuality. It is not that it challenges their own sexuality, but that it disrespects a spiritual covenant the Lord has made with mankind, and endorses a sinful lifestyle separating those within that lifestyle from a life with God.

Another issue is that homosexuality is such a public sin in our culture. Not too long ago it was alcoholism that was a public offense and damnable. Laws were even made to prevent it during prohibition. That wave may have passed, but alcoholism is still not considered a sin-free act by the gospel. There is cultural relevance to certain sins that are more public than others. Ours is homosexuality.

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