Baseball 2k10

It's that time again! Spring training is upon us, and in honor of the Longoria-glorified MLB 2k10 dropping March 2, the urge to make my yearly arbitrary baseball predictions strikes again.



East: NY Yankees
Central: Minnesota Twins
West: Seattle Mariners
Wildcard: Tampa Bay Rays


New York over Minnesota in 4
Tampa Bay over Seattle in 3

Tampa Bay over New York in 5


NL (which I will admit, I don't really know that well)

East: Philadelphia Phillies
Central: St. Louis Cardinals
West: Colorado Rockies
Wildcard: Florida Marlins


Philadelphia over Colorado in 5
St. Louis over Florida in 4

Philadelphia over St. Louis in 5



TAMPA BAY over Philadelphia in 6

OK, so maybe i'm reliving 2008 a little bit, but the Rays stand a great chance this year.

(return of Crawford, Longoria, Pena, Upton, and newfound Zobrist -- a maturing bullpen of Sheilds, Garza, Price, and potential ROY from 2009 Niemann - and with the addition of Wade Davis and the solid closer Rafael Soriano -- potentially unstoppable)

I would also keep an eye on Boston and Atlanta.


David L said...

'potentially unstoppable' = funniest line in your entire post. I just don't know how to react to it. You're taking homerism to a whole new level, which is cool to me, it just gives me the giggles. Rays winning the chip wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, so here's to this prediction.

Mike said...

Rays are a lot of things this year, including playoff contenders. But potentially unstoppable? I think they have too many questions. If every player on that roster fulfills his potential, then maybe, but that never happens, especially not with so many young guys. I like the Mariners in the West, I like TB to beat the Mariners in 5 (They have Lee and Hernandez--a sweep isn't happening), and that's about it, realistically. And that's making the assumption that the Rays make the playoffs--the East will be a dogfight again.

Oh and Philly over St. Louis in four? Fat chance. And San Fran in the west.

Daniel said...

I have no idea what to think in the NL this year. I thought I did last year and called the Cards were going to the WS, and I was clearly wrong.

Rockies put up one hell of a fight last year, so I see them being contenders. I also see the Giants being very good, but running into some bad luck and losing the WC race to Florida.

Mets... I always think they're gonna have a good year, then they disappoint everyone, but you never know - this could be a good year for them

Daniel said...

Also, I messed up the NL playoffs - St.L has to take Florida if they WC. And, you've got a point, I shouldn't be so hard on St.L

David L said...

Cards WERE one of the best teams in the NL, if not all of baseball, last year. But like I always say, the playoffs are always a crap shoot. Anybody can win once they make the playoffs. The biggest thing is momentum going into the playoffs and even with that, you could sweep the division series and the champion series and get swept in the world series (see Colorado Rockies, 2007).