Southern Girl

her hair is damp with the moonlight
we watched rise over the trees
the dew settling in the grass

the trees battered by the wind
shake their trembling leaves 
mimicking the shivers in her voice

confessions carried in the breeze
cold that shoots up your spine
and haunts your mind like the fog

the trees are gluttons
thieves that stole away the water
in their pursuit of reaching the heavens 

with roots tangled like clasped hands
the trees sway sleeping in the night
as we lay awake beside the empty lake bed

and as i hold my southern girl
watching the passing night sky 
we lose track of time

who cares if the water rises again
when i'm holding her in my arms
the greenway and heaven meet

the stars above are a soft hum
whispering melodies on the breeze
slow dancing across the sky 

they look like gold on a cave wall
letting me know this treasure is mine
guiding my thoughts home


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