Keep Away


Last sunday I got a call from Peter Lebhar - he's been recording his first EP this spring break, and said he needed a trumpet player for the first single, so I headed up to Jacksonville on tuesday. I got in town, we hit up Five Guys (which I'd never had before - expensive, but delicious!) and I went into the studio. Four hours and a two water breaks later, we'd written the parts and recorded the tracks. We did some mixing, and we left to have dinner with Peter's family. After a night at the mall, some swisher sweets on the back porch, and great conversation, I left for home the next morning. The trip was a lot of fun and very relaxing. I'm glad all my years of trumpet are going to a good use. =D

Peter Lebhar - Keep Away (Studio Mix)


Mike said...

Dude, are you serious? Five Guys is like less than five dollars and by far one of the best burgers I've ever had.

Danny said...

yeah, but i got a drink and some cajun fries, which was about 4 bucks extra!