Everyday I Have The Blues

I love going out and finding new music to listen to. Recent discoveries: the Ben Sollee - Daytrotter Session is awesome, and I really love the Dark Was The Night compilation (which I should really buy - considering in benefits AIDS research). Being on Spring Break, I've been really excited to get a chance to listen to new music, but more than anything? I've been listening to my old music.

I've recently had a hunger for the blues, but instead of running to BB King, or my Ray Charles, I've really dug into the work from the John Mayer trio. Say what you will about him being a pop musician, JM writes and plays incredible music. I have huge respect for his ability, his showmanship, and his style. He can go from intimate acoustic, to kickin' full band anthems, to swingin' blues seemlessly. That's something I can respect and appreciate. Not to mention he's a good soloist: John Mayer - Everyday I Have the Blues

My playlist this break:

Old Stuff:
John Mayer - Where the Light is
Josh Ritter - The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter
Something Corporate - North
Bon Iver - Blood Bank EP

New Stuff:
VA - Dark Was the Night
Neko Case - Middle Cyclone
DM Stith - Heavy Ghost LP / Curtain Speech EP
Ben Sollee - Learning to Bend

In the Wings:
Andrew Bird - Noble Beast
Grizzly Bear - Vekatimest


Zach said...

What does in the wings mean?
and How is the Blood Bank EP old music, it came out this year?

Danny said...

old music meaning things I was listening to prior to spring break, new music during, in the wings - in the future; like in the wings of a theatre, waiting to come on stage.