Can I Has That?

The new iPhone 4 drops this week! I have never owned an iPhone, but I want one so badly. Unfortunately, my phone is not due for an upgrade until May! To leave my contract and drop the old phone, which they game me for free and is pretty good at texting, would actually be kind of expensive due to my contract. So in the mean time, I can only dream.

from the WSJ:

An iPhone Snapshot

Positive Improvements

  • Higher-resolution display with 960x640 pixels
  • Improved built-in camera with flash
  • Front-facing camera and FaceTime video chatting software
  • Multi-tasking
  • Unified inbox for multiple email accounts
  • Improved battery has 7 hours of talk time
  • Folders for organizing apps


  • Multi-tasking is limited
  • AT&T reception gets mixed results
  • FaceTime video chatting only works with other iPhone 4s and over WiFi

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