Rainbows gilding her waist

inspired by the painting "Colors Unseen" by Sarah Guiffrida
(named from the poem that follows)

I found the Lord's presence
in colors unseen,
racing clouds across the sky,
on a chariot carried by
wings of the wind

I found the Lord's grace
wrapped like a dress,
brighter than the heavenly host

I feared the light,
but returned ashamed,
like a moth draws to the flame

I heard the Lord's voice carry
like birds of the air,
traveling the wind like the breeze itself,
hiding like the moon

I saw the work of the Lord
green like sage

Everlasting the light of day,
like smoke that trembles
from the mountains

I found the eye of the Lord
and prayed when it found
me, that my name
could be pronounced holy

I saw the heart of the Lord
hiding me like darkness,
igniting me like fire, and
holding wisdom in love's embrace

Rainbows gilding her waist

But the face of the Lord
I cannot tell,
from the leviathan of the sea,
or the shadows in me,
but I feel His hand
guiding me down the shaded narrow

For the Peace of God
rests in your branches
when the sun steals night
with the rise of day,
and your shade waters
the harvest planted
when thunder flees
the darkest sky.


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